Pika is a pretty good blogging platform by the people at Good Enough. It’s pretty and easy and pretty easy. You should try it!

Barry had been searching for many years for good enough software for his blog. None of the options out there suited him, so he convinced his friends and colleagues at Good Enough to build his dream blog software. Barry wanted these things most:

  1. An editor that makes you want to write. Pika’s editor gets out of your way, and is designed to perfectly match how your words will be presented to readers.
  2. Posts and pages that look beautiful from day one. Pika wants you to focus on writing, so we designed our blogs to make your words look great out-of-the-box.
  3. Customization that is simple and non-technical. You should be writing, not fiddling with your blog design. So we took a no-code, simple but flexible approach to theming.

So we built Pika, and now Barry’s happy! And we’re happy. And so are Brendon, Kyle, Cole, Ben, Jason, and many other bloggers. Maybe you will be happy to blog like these happy bloggers, too?

“I really like the platform - it’s a breath of fresh air compared to bloated platforms like WordPress (and now Ghost).” Garry. Thanks Garry!
“I have been on the lookout for literally years to find a blogging platform which ‘fits’ — and I knew very quickly that Pika was going to be The One. It has proven to be so.” Dave. Thanks Dave!

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A few words about pricing…

We believe that software shouldn’t make money from ads nor tracking its customers. As they say, if you’re not paying, you’re the product. To that end, you can start blogging on Pika right away for free for up to 50 full blog posts, but unlimited blogging will eventually need a paid subscription.

Using Pika means you’ll be in control of your writing and data, and supporting indie software made with expertise and care. In return, we’ll never sell your data or slap an obnoxious ad on your blog.

Pika Pup Pika Pro
Free $6/month or $60/year
Get started Get started
Blog posts 50 Unlimited
Pages 3 Unlimited
Guestbook entries 50 Unlimited
Great writing experience
Image upload
Simple theming
Custom homepage
Host on your own domain
Bring your own analytics
Remove Pika’s branding

A quick note about pikas.
At first glance they might look like mice,
but really they’re more closely related to rabbits
(which are kind of like mice, perhaps?).

Pika is created by Good Enough, decent people who just want a decent place to scream our decent thoughts into the void. If you'd like to follow along as we build Pika, please check out the Pika blog. We’ve made some other fun apps you might’ve heard of, like Album Whale, Letterbird, Ponder, and Yay.Boo! — you should try those too.

If you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Email us, or find us on Mastodon, which is like Twitter X but an elephant instead of a bird. We’re also on Threads. (Gosh, can we all just agree on one social media network already?)